WAC and Hazardous Waste Assessment

WAC and Hazardous Waste Assessment


The WAC limits can not be used to make an assessment of whether a waste is hazardous.
These are for a different purpose and must not be confused.
The List of Wastes Regulations implement the European Waste Catalogue and you should use these Regulations as a starting point in the determination of whether a waste is hazardous. The definition of hazardous waste comes from the Hazardous Waste Regulations 5.  They contain three types of entry:
• Absolute hazardous entries. These wastes are deemed to be hazardous, regardless of their composition or concentrations of dangerous substances in them.
• Mirror entries. These wastes may be hazardous or non-hazardous, according to the concentration of dangerous substances in them.
• Absolute non-hazardous entries. These wastes are deemed to be non-hazardous.
As a waste producer you will need to characterise your waste for the Duty of Care description whether or not you intend to send it to landfill. This will include making an assessment of its hazardousness (that is, is it hazardous waste or not) unless it is an absolute non-hazardous entry waste including an assessment of the composition of the waste.


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