Contaminated Land & W.A.C. Testing

Contaminated Land & W.A.C. Testing


It is possible to order the clean-up of land which is considered 'contaminated. Land is contaminated when there are polluting substances in, on or under the land. This may mean that the substances have been left in buildings or on land or that the substances are buried in the ground. It doesn't really matter what these substances are providing they are giving rise to significant harm or water pollution.

If a source of pollution in terms of substances left on the land have a pathway through which the pollution can reach a target then we call this a pollution linkage. Examples of pollution linkages would include:

·         Asbestos from a derelict building travelling through the air to affect people nearby.

·         Spilt oil travelling through the drainage system to a nearby river.

·         Chemicals in leaking drums travelling down through the soil into an underground water supply.

·         Air emissions from a factory being carried by the wind to a nearby nature reserve which is being harmed as a result.




Envirochem with a 25 years experience in the market, offer a wide range of Chemical Analysis & Monitoring services, where sensitivity is required in understanding the composition and nature of various substances.

For more information please visit our website ( or give us a call (01329287777)  and we will be happy to provide you with further details on our extensive range of products & services. So please let us know if we can arrange an information pack to be sent to you or whether you would benefit from one of our division managers contacting you to discuss any requirements you may have.


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