Latest HSE Campaign – When duty calls, share your burden with Envirochem

Despite being banned for a quarter of a century, asbestos has proven to be a problem that won’t go away easily.

In January, the Health and Safety Executive launched a new campaign to draw attention to the serious risks associated with this dangerous material. The regulator says the purpose of Asbestos: Your Duty is to improve understanding around the legal requirements for managing asbestos and preventing exposure.

The campaign is targeted at anyone with responsibility for non-domestic premises built before the turn of the century, which encompasses a wide range of buildings from offices and manufacturing sites to schools and hospitals. Full details of the campaign are available on the HSE website.

Asbestos: Your Duty is the latest in a long line of initiatives designed to keep the problem of asbestos front of mind for those working in our built environment. However, by raising awareness of the legal responsibility related to asbestos, such campaigns can also raise questions among the businesses affected – and at Envirochem, we are here to help.

Envirochem specialises in asbestos management and testing as part of our comprehensive analytical and consultancy services. With our support, customers can ensure they are compliant with their legal duty in relation to asbestos while controlling the environmental risk from this highly carcinogenic substance.

From a legal perspective, responsibility for compliance rests with a building’s dutyholder, who could be the owner, the landlord or the person or entity with responsibility for general upkeep and repair. The Control of Asbestos Regulations state that this individual must protect occupants and users from the dangers of asbestos by determining whether asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) are present, as well as documenting their quantity, location and state.

Several actions are key to fulfilling this responsibility. They are:

Envirochem can deliver support on all these points. Through our accredited testing and surveying services, you can easily establish the risk of ACMs and be guided through the process of making a register. We can also help you in creating, implementing and maintaining an effective asbestos management plan, ensuring you have all the answers you need when questions arise.

In summary, there is no doubt that the HSE should be applauded for the launch of its latest asbestos awareness campaign. At the same time, there is no doubt that fulfilling your legal responsibilities as a dutyholder can be a challenging task – unless, that is, you can access the right level of expert support.

For more information about asbestos risks and how to fulfil your legal duty, contact the Envirochem team in confidence today by email ( or by calling 01329 287 777.