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Five things to think about when redecorating:

Redecorating your home can be an exciting process – but whether you’re freshening up the walls with a coat of paint, or you're undertaking a large-scale renovation, there are a number of health hazards to consider.  Here are five things you should think about before undertaking any DIY projects in your home: Read more

Asbestos in Hollywood

With Christmas fast approaching, decorating the house like a Santa’s grotto is something that everyone can get excited about. Whether you’re a tinsel person, paper chain lover or just wishing for a white Christmas, we know there’s a bit of festive spirit in all of you! Read more

What are the benefits of purchasing an air quality self-test kit?

You may have seen that here at Envirochem, we have launched a new range of self-test kits, specifically designed to help keep you safe in your own home and working environment. The new self-test kits are cost-effective, fast and easy-to-use. Read more

Why you should purchase a self-test legionella kit.

Here at Enviorchem, we have recently launched a range of self-test kits to help keep you safe and make it easier for you to test for harmful substances in your home or workplace. Our wide range covers a multitude of various substances, including Legionella, and comes with all the necessary equipment and safety measures needed, so it’s super quick and easy to test for it yourself. Read more

Why you should purchase a self-test asbestos kit.

Here at Envirochem we’ve recently introduced our very own range of self-test kits for a range of different substances such as Asbestos, Lead in Paint, Legionella and more. Read more

Introducing our new self-sample asbestos testing kits!

Envirochem are please to introduce our new safe, cost-effective self-sample asbestos testing kits. Each kit comes with all the personal protection equipment (PPE) you will need to safely take samples of suspect asbestos containing material from your property. The Kits have a set of easy to follow instructions, and return packaging. The samples will then be analysed in our own in-house UKAS accredited 17025 Laboratory. Once the samples are received back to the lab, we will get the report back to you within 4 hours. Read more

Remember remember the 5th of November... and don’t throw these items in your bonfire!

Remember remember the 5th of November... and don’t throw these items in your bonfire! Backyard bonfires are a great way to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night with your friends and family but, as with burning anything, it can come with certain risks. We’ve put together the top 5 things you should definitely avoid burning at all costs which you may not have thought about before. Read more

Meet one of our Asbestos Team

Emily graduated from the University of Cumbria in 2017 after studying Forensic and Investigative Science. Like most fresh-faced uni grad’s, she applied for a variety of graduate jobs after leaving the North but found she was the ideal candidate for a role advertised at Envirochem that piqued her interest - and she must be having a good time as she’s been there ever since! Read more

World War 2 Gas Masks

We recently helped a client who had purchased a World War 2 gas mask, who was concerned that it may contain asbestos.  Read more

Three simple steps to taking waste to landfill

Three simple steps to taking waste to landfill Making sure waste from your construction or demolition site is classified before it goes to landfill is a legal duty for contractors. There are several stages to take before you can confidently deliver your waste to landfill Read more