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Love Island-style hot tubs and swimming pools creating a soup of bacteria

Owners of swimming pools and hot tubs are creating a breeding ground for bacteria that could cause serious illness and infection by not maintaining them properly, scientists in Hampshire have revealed. The growing trend for domestic hot tubs fuelled by popular TV programmes such as Love Island is  increasing the risk of people picking up serious illnesses from a soup of bacteria swirling about in the water. Read more

What can I do to help reduce air pollution?

Air pollution can cause all matter of problems – from short-term effects like headaches and dizziness, to long-term problems such as respiratory issues and some cancers. Read more

Check your home for these four things before starting a DIY project

If you’re a landlord or a homeowner, a long weekend often means extra time for DIY projects you’ve been meaning to start. Before you do – there are a few things we recommend you check. We’ve compiled a handy checklist of some things to look out for so you can ensure your property is fit for renovation. Read more

Envirochem predicts rise in respiratory claims

We are predicting a rise in claims for respiratory problems after a new inquest into the death of nine-year-old Ella Kissi-Debrah in 2013. Ella, who lived near the busy South Circular Road in London, died from a fatal asthma attack six years ago. A 2018 report has found that unlawful levels of air pollution were detected just one mile away from her home, and likely contributed to her death.    Read more

Testing the water systems in your home is crucial  

We all want to live and work in a safe, clean environment, and many of us will take a number of precautions to ensure that we do! However, too often, we forget about the harmful bacteria that can lurk in water systems within our home or workplace – whether that be radiators, swimming pools or even our shower heads. Read more

Envirochem is a one-stop-shop for your COSHH compliance needs

As a professional working with hazardous substances, there are a number of things you need to consider to ensure your own safety, the safety of your employees and of those living/working in the environment around you. At Envirochem, we can help you cover all of your COSHH compliance needs – whether you’re working directly with, producing, or are exposed to hazardous substances in your workplace. Read more

What sort of risks would Ed Sheeran be taking if he swam in his “natural pool”

A growing trend for natural and chemical-free pools was brought into sharp focus this week when the neighbours of the nation’s favourite musician Ed Sheeran said they were worried his new pond could double as a swimming pool. Read more

Test your home for lead-based paint before renovating or redecorating

If you’re thinking of redecorating or renovating your home, before you pick out a new paint colour and start taking measurements, it’s crucial to test for the presence of lead-based paint. It is a great way to ensure your walls are safe before releasing potentially harmful dust and paint chips into your home. In fact, there are a number of substances you should consider testing for before making changes to your home.  Read more

We’re seeing a rise in home-made pools

We’re seeing a rise in home-made pools – from storage containers to natural eco-pools – but did you know these kinds of environments can be home to harmful legionella and other bacteria? Read more

Everyone at Envirochem is happy to welcome Eireann

Everyone at Envirochem is happy to welcome Eireann, our newest Apprentice lab technician to the team!!! Read more