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Protecting everyone from Leigonella. Cheers to that!

We all recognise that although it isn’t common, Legionnaires’ disease can be serious. The disease is a severe form of pneumonia. Most people become infected when they inhale microscopic water droplets containing legionella bacteria from environments such as showers, swimming pools and hot tubs.

And while the human cost can be significant, the business interruption cost shouldn’t be underestimated either. The good news is that both can be mitigated with regular testing as a part of a wider water management plan.

“Whether we are working with a cruise ship line or a local leisure centre, spa or hotel, we understand the importance of accurate and reliable legionella testing. Envirochem is all about better health outcomes for our customers’ people. Legionella testing is a key part of how we help our customers better safeguard their employees and customers. Regardless of your sector, if water is involved, reliable legionella testing is essential,” said Envirochem’s Business Development Manager, John Stead.

At Envirochem, our UKAS accredited service can deliver you legionella test results within two weeks. Get started today by purchasing your text kit here

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