Three simple steps to taking waste to landfill

Three simple steps to taking waste to landfill


Making sure waste from your construction or demolition site is classified before it goes to landfill is a legal duty for contractors. There are several stages to take before you can confidently deliver your waste to landfill – here they are in three simple steps:


Step one


Work out how your materials for disposal are classified in government guidance on different types of waste[]. Construction waste must be classified as hazardous or non-hazardous before it can be tested further or taken to landfill.


Step two


If your waste is characterised as hazardous it will need to be tested against Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) as this will determine which landfill site can accept it based on their waste license. Some non-hazardous or inert waste will also need testing so make sure you get expert advice on this.


WAC testing works by looking at how waste will behave once it’s buried in a landfill; specially what leaches out from it and the concentration of organic materials.


Step three


When it comes to taking your hazardous waste to landfill the site operators are likely to want to see your WAC testing analysis. This will help them decide if they can take it based on their landfill license and what they need to do with it next. Each landfill site is different.


How to arrange WAC analysis


WAC analysis isn’t a quick process so plan ahead to ensure you know exactly where your waste should be taken. This will speed up your waste disposal process.


At Envirochem we offer Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing on:

  • contaminated soil
  • spent grit
  • industrial waste
  • other waste streams.


You could purchase one of our WAC self sample kits below;


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