Noise & Vibration Surveys

Noise & Vibration Surveys

We have an array of new instrumentation which can be used to gather analytical data concerning the impact of Noise & Vibration, caused by demolition projects, construction works or other high impact site activities, on the local and surrounding environment.

Reports can be issued at any frequency required and consist of an explanation of the report’s purpose, an annotated graphical site overview of sampling locations, method statements and control limits, summarised statistical analysis of results, and conclusions and recommendations.

Background Noise & Vibration Surveys

Background Noise & Vibration Surveys may be undertaken prior to the start of demolition works in accordance with BS 5228:2009, in order to record ambient levels of noise and vibration at the perimeter of a demolition or construction site, allowing control limits to be set for further monitoring during works.

Noise & Vibration Surveys

Routine Noise & Vibration Surveys are carried out during works to demonstrate compliance with planning regulations, validate work methods and illustrate ‘best practice’ requirements.

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring allows SMS notifications to site operatives if control limits are exceeded, allowing the environmental and social impact of site work on the local environment to be managed and reduced.


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