Asbestos Air Monitoring & Fibre Counting

Asbestos Air Monitoring & Fibre Counting

Envirochem offer the full range of Asbestos Air Monitoring Services geared specifically to meet the requirements of your project, in accordance with HSG 248.

Our growing fleet of asbestos analysts are provided with fully equipped mobile laboratories allowing for on-site analysis of air samples and instant certification upon completion of analytical monitoring.

Whilst the majority of our workload is undertaken during normal working hours from Monday to Friday, our team of analysts are available for overnight and weekend work. We will always endeavor to assist at short notice with any local emergency situations which may arise.

Reports and certificates are provided on-site in printed format, along with a digital copy of all documentation available via email. Please contact us for more information or to book an analyst.

Background Air Monitoring

Background Air Monitoring is conducted to establish airborne fibre concentrations prior to any activity that may lead to airborne asbestos contamination or in specific locations with known asbestos based materials.

Leak Air Monitoring

Leak Air Monitoring is conducted outside the enclosure/work area while work is in progress. It is undertaken to verify that the control measures are adequate in controling asbestos fibre release to the outside.

Four Stage Clearance Air Monitoring

Four stage clearance Air Monitoring is undertaken following the removal of asbestos based materials (generally notifiable materials such as insulation boards, insulation and coatings) under fully controlled conditions. This will enable a certificate of reoccupation to be issued to reassure those reoccupying the area that it is safe to do so.

Reassurance Air Monitoring

Reassurance Air Monitoring is conducted to determine asbestos fibre concentrations upon completion of the assessment of site for reoccupation. It is also undertaken after the removal of non-notifiable asbestos containing materials (such as vinyl floor tiles, cement products, textured coatings) or following the disturbance of suspected or identified asbestos containing materials.

Personal Air Monitoring

Personal Air Monitoring is conducted to assess whether or not the personal exposures of workers comply with the relevant control limits and to determine the suitability of respiratory protective equipment being used.

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