Location: Poole, Dorset


Project Description

Envirochem visited the world headquarters of the luxury yacht manufacturers to carry out a study of the effects of inhalable dusts concentrations in the atmosphere and the exposure of employees to volatile organic compounds.

Project Scope

Envirochem attended the site in Poole and agreed areas with the health and safety manager to carry out static inhalable dust monitoring, particularly in areas where there could be high concentrations of wood dust as identified in a previous health and safety assessment. Five separate locations were identified and Airbox sampling pumps were placed in areas where the maximum exposure of dust to employees would be found. Other employees in a separate area were also set up with SKC passive sampling badges to monitor their exposure to volatile organic compounds while working with dichloromethane containing adhesives and other pressurised cleaning solutions.

The results from this study, along with the results from a previous local exhaust ventilation system test can be used to determine if employees are exposed to high levels of harmful dusts and whether extra measures need to be put in place to prevent exposure as part of a Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessments.  

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