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Location: University of Southampton


Project Highlights

Envirochem were responsible for organising all consultant and analytical works relating to the removal of all asbestos containing materials from a busy biomedical sciences facility. Our work and advice ensured that both the university and demolition contractor were able to proceed with their building project within a strict time frame.    

Project Description

Working as the University of Southampton’s asbestos experts, Envirochem was charged with identifying all asbestos containing materials within the building. A number of teams were utilised to enable the works to be carried out within the time constraints. All asbestos products then had to be removed to facilitate the building demolition.

Project Scope

Envirochem carried out an invasive Demolition asbestos survey within the Boldrewood site, comprising of lecture theatres, plant rooms and laboratories. The survey highlighted numerous areas with significant asbestos contamination, including areas of original un-encapsulated sprayed asbestos and a high level of AIB hot air ducting. All asbestos containing materials needed to be removed prior to the buildings demolition. The building was broken down into sections to allow survey reports to be issued to allow the main contractor to plan the removal process. The reports included ducting plans to allow the end user to easily follow the contaminated ducts.

Envirochem were responsible for supervising several teams of asbestos removal contractors during the removal process.

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