Air Quality Surveys

Air Quality Surveys

Air Quality Surveys

  • Continuous particulate monitoring can be used to measure changes in airborne dust concentrations to meet your specific needs.
  • Changes in airborne particulates may arise from site activities such demolition and can have a serious impact on health to local residents or employees.
  • Air quality surveys can be used to determine whether site activities are likely to have an impact on air quality.
  • Monitoring can also be used to demonstrate compliance with local authority regulations and provide evidence that adequate control measures and good methods of work are in place during projects.
  • Weather sensors can be used in link local  environmental factors to site conditions.
  • Real-time SMS alerts that activate when a predetermined limit is exceeded allows real-time site management of activities effecting air quality.

Gravimetric Dust Sampling

Static monitors can be placed almost anywhere, and can collect physical samples of airborne particles.

Such data can be used to generate individual exposure to dust records for site operatives, or be analysed to determine chemical composition of airborne particles.

Settleable Dust Sampling

Static samplers gather airborne particulates and measure deposition over a given time period. Samples can also be analysed to determine their chemical composition. 



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