Occupational hygiene Services – Water or soil sampling site visits

Water or soil sampling site visits

Our occupational hygiene team not only carry out site visits for air quality monitoring, they are also available to come to sites and sample both soil and water for analysis. The operative will come to site with all the necessary sampling equipment and can take basic water samples for analysis such as suspended solids, pH and metals, or bacterial water samples for analysis such as Ecoli, legonella and biological oxygen demand. For soil sampling this could be for potential asbestos samples or for WAC certification.

For our site visit charge the cost will be based on the locality from our office in Fareham, which will be an additional fee on top of the analysis. But this takes away any courier costs or worry of the sample/s not being taken adequately for the analysis intended and also to ensure they meet our UKAS certification guidelines (for our certificated procedures only).

If you would like to book in either a one off visit, or to set up routine visits to your site for sampling, please see the form below, Or if you are unsure of the analysis you require, we can also provide expert advice to suit the needs of your business or site.

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