More UK schools suspected to have asbestos than first suggested

In the 1950’s to the mid 1980’s, Asbestos was widely used as a building material. It is a good choice of material for fireproofing and insulation due to its fire resistant properties. Any building, including; houses, factories, offices, hospitals and schools, that were built before the year 2000 could contain asbestos.

Most asbestos in schools can be found in pipe covering, walls/ceilings and fire doors. The asbestos becomes a risk to people when it is disturbed, which could happen at any time. The risk of asbestos being in schools, is the lack of understanding of asbestos among workers, teachers and students. This risk is greatly increased due to a many head teachers and governors not knowing the risks that could be in their building.

There is growing concern that more should be done to minimise the risks of asbestos within schools.

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Asbestos Present in 80 Powys (Wales) Schools

Following to recent news concerning the wide spread asbestos problem in many of the UK’s schools, it has been revealed that 80 of the 99 schools in the Powys area contain asbestos. With recent pressures massing for the removal of asbestos containing materials from schools, a spokesperson from the local council has said there is no plan to remove the asbestos in every case but every site has an extensive management plan.

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Approximately 88% of Schools in Nottinghamshire Contain Asbestos

Out of 252 schools in Nottinghamshire 88 percent still contain asbestos. This has lead to approximately £200,000 being paid in damages to exposed employees. The employees in question are mostly teachers and some of these have gone on to develop asbestos-related diseases. It is worth noting that no pupils are known to be affected or exposed to asbestos, however a spokesperson from Derbyshire Asbestos Support has noted that schools are of a particular concern, as materials could be damaged by children knocking into them or kicking balls against them. This could cause the release of asbestos fibres.


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