Arsenic in Paint

Why test for Arsenic in paint?

We offer a variety of analyses for the Built Environment where sensitivity is required in understanding the composition and nature of various substances. One such substance is Arsenic in paint.

Paint and wallpaper containing arsenic that becomes damp, can be metabolised to a volatile form of arsenic called arsene. This arsene can then be inhaled by the occupants of the building. Even if concentrations are low, prolonged exposure can lead to arsenic bio-accumulating in the body and subsequent sickness. 

A previous job we carried out was for owners of a hotel who were experiencing a range of health issues months after a flood. Envirochem found the classic green Victorian wall paper in some rooms and behind a wardrobe, which was still damp, with mould growing on the wall paper. Hospital tests found elevated levels of arsenic in the two hotel owners.

What we can offer:

The method of analysis for arsenic in paint is analogous to our UKAS accredited method for lead and chromium in paint and our mCERTS method for Ascenic in Soil.

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