The HSE have sentenced a company and director for exposing workers to asbestos.

The HSE have sentenced a company and director for exposing workers to asbestos.


Make sure you keep your employees and workplace safe.


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Where is Lead found?

Why is Lead in paint?

Lead was used in paint to help speed up the drying process but also for visual properties. It also increased the durability of paint once applied.


Why test for Lead in paint?


The body can absorb lead that is breathed in, such as in the form of dust or fumes and if you swallow anything containing lead.

Exposure can lead to changes in your blood which may cause anaemia and it can have effects on your nervous system and kidneys.


Who should test?

Those at the highest risk of exposure are those that carry out industrial processes such as blast/burning removal of lead paint, lead smelting and many more that create lead dust, vapour or fumes.

However, even individuals or contractors stripping lead paint from windows, doors and frames from homes and workplaces can lead to exposure.


What we can offer:

Envirochem can offer UKAS accredited Lead in paint analysis and we can attend site and sample for you or alternatively we offer self-sampling kits for you to sample yourself to send to us for analysis.


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‘Air Change per hour’

‘Air changes per hour’ is the number of times the air is replaced in a defined space each hour. The number of these air changes that are required for a specific space is defined by its use. For example, the HSE guidance note EH22 ‘ventilation of the workplace’ requires 8 air changes per hour with a minimum requirement of 3 air changes per hour.

Guidance also recommends an air supply of 8 litres/second per person for open plan offices and a minimum of 5 litres/second per person for air conditioned spaces.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, regulation 5 requires that ventilation systems are appropriately maintained in an efficient state and working order. Regulation 6 requires that you ensure effective ventilation for any enclosed workplace by providing a sufficient quantity of fresh air.

We can combine an air change test within a full air quality survey for work spaces to include particulate monitoring, bio-aerosols and VOC’s as well.


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Exposure to asbestos a major risk on farms

Here is a useful article from the HSE regarding asbestos exposure on Farms;

On most farms building work, whether it be demolishing a building a re-erecting a building there is a major risk of asbestos exposure. All work that involves these risks needs to be carried out with the proper controls in place.

The above link as a lot of helpful information and guidance, including a publication on managing asbestos in premises and safe construction controls.


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Indoor construction dust

Conducting construction work inside raises a new set of challenges, especially when working around sensitive equipment that can be adversely impacted by dust.

Recently we help monitor dust levels before, during and after works that were carried out over night to limit the impact on daytime production in the factory. With the data we collected we were able to identify when dust levels had reduced to acceptable levels to resume normal work and how long this settlement took.

We also undertook additional monitoring of total inhalable dust, respirable dust and silica content that the construction workers were being exposed during their work.

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Lead in paint

Lead in paint can be found in a variety of buildings, especially if built before 1978. However this period is only guidance as left over paints were often used after this date.

We have conducted surveys in buildings that are be renovated and before demolition and provide our customers with the best course of action to take following the results. If the option of removing the paint is taken we can carry out lead in dust monitoring to ensure works are being carried out appropriately following HSE guidelines.


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General Motors sentenced following asbestos contamination

A company has been fined a large sum of money following prosecution from the HSE due to asbestos exposure during  refurbishment work.

For more information follow the link bellow:

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