Environmental Perimeter Monitoring in Canary Wharf, London.

We have this week been working with one of our longstanding clients in Canary Wharf during the demolition of the building in the picture above.

What are we doing?

We have set up 3 perimeter particulate monitors on site measuring PM10 levels before the demolition phase and during the demolition.

What does this give us?

This way we can determine background readings within the area prior to the demolition to assess whether any limits are breached during the demolition and if they could be attributed to external factors or as a direct result of work on site.

The monitors are located on the perimeter of the demolition site, on sides that are neighbouring housing, businesses or roads and areas that the public readily use.

Benefits to the client.

The client has been set up to receive live alerts direct to the site manager’s mobile and email if a limit is exceeded, to ensure they can rectify any of the activities causing the issue at source.

The limits used are in accordance with the Tower Hamlets Environmental Protection Division Guidance. We will be sending monthly reports to our client who in turn will pass this on to Tower Hamlets EPO. Tower Hamlets will also be notified of any exceedances within 24 hours of the alert. This way our client is constantly aware of the levels and stays compliant with them.

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Indoor construction dust

Conducting construction work inside raises a new set of challenges, especially when working around sensitive equipment that can be adversely impacted by dust.

Recently we help monitor dust levels before, during and after works that were carried out over night to limit the impact on daytime production in the factory. With the data we collected we were able to identify when dust levels had reduced to acceptable levels to resume normal work and how long this settlement took.

We also undertook additional monitoring of total inhalable dust, respirable dust and silica content that the construction workers were being exposed during their work.

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Air Quality is a serious Issue in the UK and across the world.

Air quality is a serious issue in the UK and across the world. Recently a cricket match between India and Sri Lanka was halted due to poor air quality that was recorded at 15 times that of the World Health Organisation toxicity maximum. Players where leaving the field vomiting and had to wear masks to reduce the impact on their health.


More needs to be done about air quality across the world, including the UK.  With potential sources from vehicles, manufacturing and construction everybody needs to do their bit in limiting harmful emissions. One of the first steps to combat these issues is to monitor different air pollutants and protect those most likely to be harmed.

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