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Where is Lead found?

Why is Lead in paint?

Lead was used in paint to help speed up the drying process but also for visual properties. It also increased the durability of paint once applied.


Why test for Lead in paint?


The body can absorb lead that is breathed in, such as in the form of dust or fumes and if you swallow anything containing lead.

Exposure can lead to changes in your blood which may cause anaemia and it can have effects on your nervous system and kidneys.


Who should test?

Those at the highest risk of exposure are those that carry out industrial processes such as blast/burning removal of lead paint, lead smelting and many more that create lead dust, vapour or fumes.

However, even individuals or contractors stripping lead paint from windows, doors and frames from homes and workplaces can lead to exposure.


What we can offer:

Envirochem can offer UKAS accredited Lead in paint analysis and we can attend site and sample for you or alternatively we offer self-sampling kits for you to sample yourself to send to us for analysis.


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We’re Expanding Our Occupational Hygiene Department!

Here at Envirochem, we’re expanding our Occupational Hygiene Department and are pleased to welcome our new Head of Department Sam, along with a new Van to add to the fleet.

Within the department we can offer a wide range of sampling/analysis and consultation, including but not limited to:

  • Noise and Vibration Surveys – With our wide range of instrumentation we can gather analytical data concerning the impact of noise and vibration for demolition sites.


  • UKAS accredited sampling & analysis of total inhalable & respirable dusts – We are happy to undertake site visits, sampling and analysis, to meet the needs of our clients.


  • Local exhaust ventilation (LEV) testing – (LEV) checks help control the release of hazardous airborne substances from a process into the workplace environment.


  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) testing – The main aim of VOC analysis is to identify the types of VOCs present and their concentrations in work place environment.


  • Emissions testing for stack monitoring to technical guidance notes M1 and M2.


  • Air quality surveys.


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How dust sampling can save construction companies from fines?

How dust sampling can save construction companies from fines?

Dust is an unavoidable part of construction and demolition. However, processes can be put in place to reduce the amount of dust contamination and risk to the surrounding environment. Close and real-time dust sampling plays an important role in this.

Here’s how:

Dust sampling clears a construction company from wrong doing

Dust sampling proved critical for a construction company working at a hospital in Inverness[] recently. A number of operations at the hospital had to be postponed after dust was found in the operating theatres.

Initially it was thought the dust was coming from building work happening in the hospital but testing revealed that this was not the direct source, clearing the construction company of causing the contamination and having to pay a hefty penalty.

Dust sample testing

This case study demonstrates how important it is to have real-time monitoring of dust at construction sites, both for the assurance of the client and contractor. There are a couple of different types of monitoring available:

  • Static monitors – these can be placed almost anywhere, and can collect physical samples of airborne dust particles. This data can be used to see how much dust individual site operatives are exposed to, or be analysed to determine chemical composition of airborne particles.
  • Settleable dust sampling – static samplers collect airborne dust and measure how much has gathered over a time period. Samples can also be analysed to determine their chemical composition.

At Environchem we have decades of experience in providing both types of dust sampling and monitoring to contractors. For information on our services please fill out the contact form below or call us on 01329 287 777.

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Indoor construction dust

Conducting construction work inside raises a new set of challenges, especially when working around sensitive equipment that can be adversely impacted by dust.

Recently we help monitor dust levels before, during and after works that were carried out over night to limit the impact on daytime production in the factory. With the data we collected we were able to identify when dust levels had reduced to acceptable levels to resume normal work and how long this settlement took.

We also undertook additional monitoring of total inhalable dust, respirable dust and silica content that the construction workers were being exposed during their work.

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Nuisance Dust

Nuisance dust or particulates are classified as airborne materials that, at high levels, can get into the eyes, ears and nose as well as coating surfaces. It can be a problem from a wide range of industries and activities from traffic, bakeries, construction and demolition works.

Recently we have carried out a monitoring on a number of demolition projects in urban areas where the impact of nuisance dust on the public is the greatest. The monitoring taking place can include respirable dust, inhalable dust, real time particulate monitoring and dust discs positioned on the perimeter of sites.


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Envirochem are UKAS accredited for sampling & analysis of total inhalable & respirable dusts.


Envirochem are UKAS accredited for sampling & analysis of total inhalable & respirable dusts.

We are happy to undertake site visits, sampling and analysis, to meet the needs of our clients. The initial phase of any project is a discussion about the requirements and what is hoped to be achieve from the monitoring.

The aims of the project will affect the number and type of samples (static or personal, inhalable or respirable) required as well as the duration of sampling and the sample media.

  • As part of on-going COSHH assessments
  • To address a specific concern raised by an employee
  • Before and after modifications to site or equipment
  • During grit blasting of lead and other heavy metals

At our laboratory, following gravimetric analysis, we can also undertake further tests on the filters to assess type and concentration of airborne contaminates such as:

  • Lead and other heavy metals
  • Oil or ink mist
  • Fibre type and concentration
  • Silica type and concentration

Please see our accreditation’s schedule for our scope of accreditation within our quality section

Occupational hygiene monitoring during lead roof removal works

Envirochem were approached by a new client who required occupational hygiene monitoring during lead roof removal works at a historic building in Winchester.

The client was carrying out roof remediation works on a building in the historic town of Winchester. The process involved removing the old lead roofing used many years ago and replacing to improve the quality and look of the roof. During this work, employees are potentially exposed to lead fragments and dust through breathing and skin contact which can have health effects. Envirochem monitored the activity by placing static and personal inhalable dust monitors in locations where the lead removal activities are taking place to discover the general inhalable dust levels in the atmosphere and then later digested the filter and analysed the digestate on the inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrophotometer to discover the lead content of the dust. These results can be used to inform the health and safety department of dust levels in the atmosphere and whether further measures are needed to be put in place to suppress dust and protect employees with specific personal protective equipment (PPE).

Envirochem carry out a wide range of occupational hygiene, chemical, microbiological and asbestos services during all types of construction activities and in other scenarios. Please contact us if you have any questions on this;

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Air quality monitoring in a Biomass plant

Envirochem were approached by one of our clients in Herefordshire to investigate air quality within a newly fitted biomass plant. Due to the nature of the plant being a very warm, humid environment with a production of airborne dust and potential airborne bacteria from the product being processed, it was suggested that inhalable dusts and bio-aerosols would be analysed to give an indication of whether employees are exposed to elevated levels of dust and bacteria within the internal atmosphere.

Envirochem offer a wide range of occupational hygiene services to a wide variety of clients, not only those in the biomass energy industry. Please contact us if you require any occupational hygiene, chemical or microbiological services.

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Overseas Testing

Overseas’ testing

Do you think your site is too far away for our operatives to help you with your monitoring needs?

Well we have clients based throughout England as north as Leeds and as southern as the Isle of Wight. That does not include our client’s based in Wales and those we have flown to in Guernsey. There is nowhere we cannot come to sample!

The cost of our site visits are based on your business’s locality to our Fareham based office, which includes travel costs i.e. flights or ferry tickets, operative costs and any overnight accommodation that could be required (depending specifically on the job). This is an additional fee which is on top of the analysis that is carried out whilst on site.

If you require any occupational monitoring at your premise or to be advised on our other services we could provide to suit your individual business needs, please fill out the form below;

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