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We have a wide range of services and analytical testing options that we can provide and tailor to our clients requirements. Come and meet us to find out more.



Bespoke and Tailored Testing/Consultancy

Here at Envirochem, we pride ourselves in being able to tailor our services to all our clients bespoke and unique testing/consultancy requirements.

Our chemical team have recently been working on one such project. Our client needed us to determine any irregularities in the mortar composition used on their properties, as they were different colours and causing water ingress.

Using our ICPOES Jess is testing the samples taken for a range of metals that will then allow us to determine similarities or differences between the mortar samples.


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Regulate what you release into the atmosphere to reduce damaging the atmosphere and causing air pollution

Regulating the release of chemicals into the atmosphere carefully is important so it does not cause any danger or destruction to the environment. Ensure you’re responsible and get testing done, for more information and advice: #environment #AirPollution


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Chemical Analysis

From soil contamination to lead in paint testing, our chemical department can offer analysis and consultation on a wide range of issues in the built environment.


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We are investing in New Technology for Water Contamination Testing

We currently provide scientific analysis services in our high tech laboratories in Broadcut in Fareham, testing for asbestos, lead in paint, air quality, and water-borne diseases such as legionella. We have now invested in equipment that will be able to detect minute contaminants in water.


The Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer from Shimadzu is used for ultra-low level detection of metals and semi-metals in groundwater, rivers, effluent and drinking water. It is capable of detecting less than one particle in one trillion.


This is a major investment in technology for the business and will put us right at the forefront of this sector in the south of England.


We already have an enviable reputation for the quality of our testing and analysis of all sorts of environmental and microbiological samples – all nationally accredited through the UK Accreditation Service. This investment takes us to the next level.


We will mainly be using this instrument for drinking water testing and it will enable us to test to the very highest standards of quality as determined by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.


With the ICP-MS, we’ll be testing for metals such as lead, arsenic, antimony, mercury and cadmium in water samples for our clients.


The flame in the new equipment burns as hot as the surface of the sun – 6,000 degrees Centigrade – during the analysis process.


The ICP-MS equipment is being built in Japan and is expected to be delivered and commissioned in the our laboratory before the end of the year.


Lara Johnson from Shimadzu said: “We have been working with Envirochem since 2012, when the first total organic carbon analyser was purchased. We are delighted to be working together again, for the fourth time, on the delivery and installation of the new ICP-MS system.”

How dust sampling can save construction companies from fines?

How dust sampling can save construction companies from fines?

Dust is an unavoidable part of construction and demolition. However, processes can be put in place to reduce the amount of dust contamination and risk to the surrounding environment. Close and real-time dust sampling plays an important role in this.

Here’s how:

Dust sampling clears a construction company from wrong doing

Dust sampling proved critical for a construction company working at a hospital in Inverness[] recently. A number of operations at the hospital had to be postponed after dust was found in the operating theatres.

Initially it was thought the dust was coming from building work happening in the hospital but testing revealed that this was not the direct source, clearing the construction company of causing the contamination and having to pay a hefty penalty.

Dust sample testing

This case study demonstrates how important it is to have real-time monitoring of dust at construction sites, both for the assurance of the client and contractor. There are a couple of different types of monitoring available:

  • Static monitors – these can be placed almost anywhere, and can collect physical samples of airborne dust particles. This data can be used to see how much dust individual site operatives are exposed to, or be analysed to determine chemical composition of airborne particles.
  • Settleable dust sampling – static samplers collect airborne dust and measure how much has gathered over a time period. Samples can also be analysed to determine their chemical composition.

At Environchem we have decades of experience in providing both types of dust sampling and monitoring to contractors. For information on our services please fill out the contact form below or call us on 01329 287 777.

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Construction pollution

A construction company based in Leeds was fined £120,000 for illegally discharging contaminated waters into a stream back in November. Polluted water was identified as flowing out the site entrance and silt contaminated waters from excavation works into the local watercourse. Impacts of these discharges were identified up to three kilometres downstream.

Read more about the construction pollution here:

If you are worried that your construction works or constructions works you know of are polluting the local environment, let us help you in sampling and analysis to identify any issues and reduce the impact as quickly as possible.

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Water Testing Services

Envirochem routinely carry out a variety of tests including: Recreational water, Drinking or Potable Water, Environmental Water, Waste or Effluent Water….

Testing  for coliform bacteria and E.coli are the most important routine microbiological analysis carried out on drinking water. These tests provide a sensitive means for detecting faecal contamination, for assessing raw water quality, the effectiveness of water treatment and disinfection, and monitoring water quality in distribution.


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Asbestos Fly-tipped on The Wrekin

Asbestos has been found dumped on a popular walking route The Wrekin, which is located 5 miles west of Telford. This follows the renovation of the local recycling centres, some blame this for the fly-tipped hazardous waste being found in the area.

Local authorities claim to be clamping down on fly-tippers and urge anyone that sees any to report it.

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Legionella Bacteria Detected In The Cooling Towers Of Sellafield

The bacteria Legionella have been detected at high levels in tower at the Highly Active Liquid Effluent and Storage (HALES) facility. The chief nuclear inspector has released a statement assuring that there has not been an outbreak of legionnaires’ disease and that this does not impact nuclear safety.

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Envirochem offer tests for Legionella in many environments including:

  • Domestic water systems
  • Cooling towers
  • Any drinking water service
  • Swimming pools
  • Spa pools
  • Car washes
  • Effluent
  • And many more

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