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Here at Envirochem we can help with all your asbestos needs and questions, from surveys, asbestos fibre ID to air testing we have it all covered.

Asbestos Fibre Identification Service

Material analysis will identify:

+The presence of asbestos

+ The asbestos product type

We can offer you:

+ Sample collection service

+UKAS accredited analysis

+ Water absorption testing

+ Fibre identification certificate with every sample analysed

+ Consultancy catered to your individual needs

Asbestos awareness courses

+ British Occupational Hygiene Society training to include:

P401, P402, P403, P404, and P405 for working with asbestos

Asbestos Surveying

Management surveys –

This type of survey is non-intrusive which details the location, type and condition of asbestos containing materials found.

Major Refurbishment & Demolition surveys –

Required when premises are being renovated or demolished, identifying asbestos containing materials present before beginning of structural work.

Re-inspection surveys –

The condition of asbestos containing materials in non-domestic properties should be re-inspected every 12 months.

Analytical Testing

Background air monitoring –

Carried out prior to any asbestos works to ascertain ambient air quality.

Reassurance air monitoring –

Carried out during and following asbestos removal to ensure control limits have not been exceeded and the area is safe for occupation.

Personal & Leak air monitoring –

To establish exposure levels when working with asbestos and ensure the contamination is contained to the working area.

4 Stage Clearance –

Used to independently verify that licensed asbestos works have been completed correctly and reoccupation is safe.

Watching Briefs & Verification Reporting –

Analyst can aid in overseeing asbestos activities taking place on site, to ensure that the site is cleared in a methodical way.

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The HSE have sentenced a company and director for exposing workers to asbestos.

The HSE have sentenced a company and director for exposing workers to asbestos.


Make sure you keep your employees and workplace safe. 





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Controlled Demolition at Fawley Power Station

Last week our analysts supported Brown and mason in the controlled demolition of another building at the Fawley Power Station.


Envirochem’s expert analysts were on site carrying out perimeter monitoring during the demolition and then we will now be monitoring whilst the rubble is cleared to ensure all safety measures are met. 


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Asbestos Air Monitoring and Fibre Counting

Our growing fleet of asbestos analysts are provided with fully equipped mobile laboratories allowing for on-site analysis of air samples and instant certification upon completion of analytical monitoring.

Whilst the majority of our workload is undertaken during normal working hours from Monday to Friday, our team of analysts are available for overnight and weekend work. We will always endeavour to assist at short notice with any local emergency situations which may arise.

Here is one of our team reading filters for our in house quality control system to ensure we provide the best possible service.

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We are pleased to announce Ella and Chloe have successfully passed their P401 Exam

We are pleased to announce Ella and Chloe have successfully passed their P401 Exam (Identification of Asbestos in Bulk Samples (PLM)), joining our Asbestos bulks lab. Congratulations!



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Exposure to asbestos a major risk on farms

Here is a useful article from the HSE regarding asbestos exposure on Farms;


On most farms building work, whether it be demolishing a building a re-erecting a building there is a major risk of asbestos exposure. All work that involves these risks needs to be carried out with the proper controls in place.

The above link as a lot of helpful information and guidance, including a publication on managing asbestos in premises and safe construction controls.


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More UK schools suspected to have asbestos than first suggested

In the 1950’s to the mid 1980’s, Asbestos was widely used as a building material. It is a good choice of material for fireproofing and insulation due to its fire resistant properties. Any building, including; houses, factories, offices, hospitals and schools, that were built before the year 2000 could contain asbestos.

Most asbestos in schools can be found in pipe covering, walls/ceilings and fire doors. The asbestos becomes a risk to people when it is disturbed, which could happen at any time. The risk of asbestos being in schools, is the lack of understanding of asbestos among workers, teachers and students. This risk is greatly increased due to a many head teachers and governors not knowing the risks that could be in their building.

There is growing concern that more should be done to minimise the risks of asbestos within schools.

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36 tonnes of asbestos-contaminated waste Dumped in Beckton street

A Man is facing Jail after illegally dumping 36 Tonnes of asbestos-containing waste in Beckton Street. It was dumped in two locations on Eric Clarke Lane, and the cost to the council was £9000 to clear the waste up. It also resulted in the road being closed with several buses needing to be diverted.

The Man is now awaiting sentencing from the Crown Court.

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Approximately 88% of Schools in Nottinghamshire Contain Asbestos

Out of 252 schools in Nottinghamshire 88 percent still contain asbestos. This has lead to approximately £200,000 being paid in damages to exposed employees. The employees in question are mostly teachers and some of these have gone on to develop asbestos-related diseases. It is worth noting that no pupils are known to be affected or exposed to asbestos, however a spokesperson from Derbyshire Asbestos Support has noted that schools are of a particular concern, as materials could be damaged by children knocking into them or kicking balls against them. This could cause the release of asbestos fibres.


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Essex School Fined for Exposing Staff to Asbestos

The Boswells School in Chelmsford, Essex has been fined £46,000 after a refurbishment project in a boiler room exposed staff members to asbestos.

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The risk was only discovered after a survey had been completed in the area later on.

Envirochem carry out Refurbishment/Demolition surveys which involves intrusive inspection to locate all asbestos containing materials prior to any work taking place, so that they can be removed as necessary when a building is to be upgraded, refurbished or demolished.

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