Self-sampling Testing Kits

If you’re worried about contractors entering your home at the moment to carry out testing, purchase one of our self-sampling kits to take samples yourself safely for analysis. We offer a range of kits to test Asbestos, Legionella and more;


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Bacteria in your Home

Summer may be over – but bacteria aren’t as bothered about that as we are. Check your household water is safe, by using one of our self sampling kits or contact us for advice and sampling.

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We are pleased to announce Ella and Chloe have successfully passed their P401 Exam

We are pleased to announce Ella and Chloe have successfully passed their P401 Exam (Identification of Asbestos in Bulk Samples (PLM)), joining our Asbestos bulks lab. Congratulations!



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We are investing in New Technology for Water Contamination Testing

We currently provide scientific analysis services in our high tech laboratories in Broadcut in Fareham, testing for asbestos, lead in paint, air quality, and water-borne diseases such as legionella. We have now invested in equipment that will be able to detect minute contaminants in water.


The Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer from Shimadzu is used for ultra-low level detection of metals and semi-metals in groundwater, rivers, effluent and drinking water. It is capable of detecting less than one particle in one trillion.


This is a major investment in technology for the business and will put us right at the forefront of this sector in the south of England.


We already have an enviable reputation for the quality of our testing and analysis of all sorts of environmental and microbiological samples – all nationally accredited through the UK Accreditation Service. This investment takes us to the next level.


We will mainly be using this instrument for drinking water testing and it will enable us to test to the very highest standards of quality as determined by the Drinking Water Inspectorate.


With the ICP-MS, we’ll be testing for metals such as lead, arsenic, antimony, mercury and cadmium in water samples for our clients.


The flame in the new equipment burns as hot as the surface of the sun – 6,000 degrees Centigrade – during the analysis process.


The ICP-MS equipment is being built in Japan and is expected to be delivered and commissioned in the our laboratory before the end of the year.


Lara Johnson from Shimadzu said: “We have been working with Envirochem since 2012, when the first total organic carbon analyser was purchased. We are delighted to be working together again, for the fourth time, on the delivery and installation of the new ICP-MS system.”

Why you should purchase a self-test asbestos kit.

Here at Envirochem we’ve recently introduced our very own range of self-test kits for a range of different substances such as Asbestos, Lead in Paint, Legionella and more.

We always want your safety to be a priority and to make sure the process of checking for harmful substances is as straight forward as possible. Whether it’s at work or in your home, we understand that it’s not always easy to know where to start if you’re worried about asbestos. Our self-test kits are easy to use, come with all the necessary protective equipment and instructions and can be returned back to us for analysis. If needed, we can let you know feedback and results in just four hours!

Everyone knows that the presence of asbestos is definitely something you don’t want lurking around your home or workplace. With the release of our new self-test kits it’s never been easier to take a sample of an area you think may have asbestos and get it tested by us so you can get on with your day-to-day life.

Our self-sampling kit will enable you to take a sample, safely, from a material you suspect contains asbestos. The substance can be found in a number of materials, and it is commonplace in buildings built prior to 1980. It can be found in anything from corrugated cement and internal cladding panels to window sills, walls and boards. It is always safest to check whether asbestos is present before making any changes to a building.

If you’re considering renovating your home or workspace, make sure you order one of our self-test kits today to ensure the process is as safe as possible. Alternatively, our expert team is always on hand to attend a site and take samples for you. For more information, get in touch with one of our experts today.

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Exposure to asbestos a major risk on farms

Here is a useful article from the HSE regarding asbestos exposure on Farms;

On most farms building work, whether it be demolishing a building a re-erecting a building there is a major risk of asbestos exposure. All work that involves these risks needs to be carried out with the proper controls in place.

The above link as a lot of helpful information and guidance, including a publication on managing asbestos in premises and safe construction controls.


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Water Testing Services

Envirochem routinely carry out a variety of tests including: Recreational water, Drinking or Potable Water, Environmental Water, Waste or Effluent Water….

Testing  for coliform bacteria and E.coli are the most important routine microbiological analysis carried out on drinking water. These tests provide a sensitive means for detecting faecal contamination, for assessing raw water quality, the effectiveness of water treatment and disinfection, and monitoring water quality in distribution.


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Don’t be at risk

Don’t get caught, have your Legionella under control with our routine UKAS Accredited analysis.

Check the latest article of legionnaires disease.

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Asbestos Fibre Identification in accordance with our UKAS accreditation and HSG 248.

Envirochem offers a competitive Asbestos Fibre Identification service returning results by email within 24 hours in most cases.

In the United Kingdom, the three most common forms of asbestos are chrysotile (white), amosite (brown) and crocidolite (blue). They are found in common building materials such as insulation board panels, spray coating, bonded cements, gaskets, insulation, textured coatings and vinyl flooring.

Samples can be delivered to our laboratory, or collected by our analysts.

An Asbestos Fibre Identification certificate is produced for each batch of samples analysed, which is available most commonly in PDF format via email.

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Water Analysis – Effluent water suite

The most commonly requested suite of water analysis is our effluent water suite. This includes suspended solids, ammonia and biological oxygen demand (BOD) and is often carried out on the inlet and outlet sections of water treatment systems to check the efficiency of the process.

In addition to tests required to satisfy Environment Agency (EA) guidelines, we can also accommodate testing requests to meet extra guidelines set by individual local authorities, such as testing for pH, metals, anions and organics. We can also look at the particle size of the suspended solid to determine the correct size of filter needed to remove it from the water.

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