What is Asbestos?

What is Asbestos:

Asbestos is not one material as it is commonly mistaken for, but the term used for the fibrous forms of seven naturally occurring minerals.

In the United Kingdom, the three most common forms of asbestos are chrysotile (white), amosite (brown) and crocidolite (blue). They are found in common building materials such as insulation board panels, spray coating, bonded cements, gaskets, insulation, textured coatings, and vinyl flooring and more.

Why test for asbestos:

Exposure to asbestos can cause serious health implications, including Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer and Asbestosis.  Approximately 5000 workers still die per year from asbestos related illness.

Who should test:

Asbestos could be found in any building or construction built before 2000, this includes houses, schools, factories, hospitals and more.

Anyone who is involved in a trade such as demolition and those in the refurbishment, maintenance, and similar trades where it is foreseeable that your work will disturb the structure of the building, or even just individuals doing some DIY at home or work should check and get testing /surveying carried out before disturbing materials that could contain asbestos.

What we can offer:

Envirochem offers a competitive Asbestos Fibre Identification service returning results by email within 24 hours in most cases.

Samples can be delivered to our laboratory or collected by our analysts.

An Asbestos Fibre Identification certificate is produced for each batch of samples analysed, which is available most commonly in PDF format via email.

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