Occupational hygiene monitoring during lead roof removal works

Envirochem were approached by a new client who required occupational hygiene monitoring during lead roof removal works at a historic building in Winchester.

The client was carrying out roof remediation works on a building in the historic town of Winchester. The process involved removing the old lead roofing used many years ago and replacing to improve the quality and look of the roof. During this work, employees are potentially exposed to lead fragments and dust through breathing and skin contact which can have health effects. Envirochem monitored the activity by placing static and personal inhalable dust monitors in locations where the lead removal activities are taking place to discover the general inhalable dust levels in the atmosphere and then later digested the filter and analysed the digestate on the inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrophotometer to discover the lead content of the dust. These results can be used to inform the health and safety department of dust levels in the atmosphere and whether further measures are needed to be put in place to suppress dust and protect employees with specific personal protective equipment (PPE).

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